Free Radical Cells

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Do you know anyone who is going through cancer right now from Free Radical calls? Maybe you have gone through cancer yourself! Did even know how or why you found yourself or watching a loved one go through the pain and agony! I have a short video clip that my business partner Marc Frank Montoya and I shot that maybe be able to help you understand about your or their health or Lifestyle that got them into this situation.

Why are we even talking about free radicals?

Do you know anyone that has cancer, diabetes, or is overweight. I’am not a certified expert on this subject but I know from personal experience of being through cancer that free radical cells are not cool because they are “FREE.” They are mutated cells that we happen when our immune system does not have the nutrients that we need to help fight like an ARMY for our good or heathy cells.

LIfestyle is everything.



Nu Skin Insider: fact or fiction?



I believe Nu Skin has a lot of good and useful information for the person. It is for who does not know much about the company & for people looking for something new for fun or at first a part-time career! The business works in my opinion &  based on the leaders of the business that I have met that are 20 Million$ + earners. For instance, a old girlfriend that used to date, her good friend married this Nu Skin distributor who at the time was only making $1,200 residually but after staying consistent makes at least $700,000,00 per year from this business and he is healthy and wealthy.  He goes on trips with his wife and son to exotic places like Hawaii, Bermuda, and Costa Rica and also getting ready to retire. The thing that gets me is he is only my age of a young 28 year old. WOW…. Right?


So what is Nu Skin and why are they so successful?

Question: Has any person or company based on genetics & DNA found the fountain of youth?

Answer: Yes, A company that is a very great public (sold on the NYSE as NUS) business with good business ethics that believes in freedom and not security which in jmmlife’s opinion is what todays day and age, needs! This company is called Nu Skin located right out of the heart of roughly 16,000 other network marketing companies in Provo, Salt Lake City, and Ogden, and St. George in just the state of Utah. So it does make competition for network marketing or Multi level Marketing tough in Utah?

This is a true fact for the LDS Religion has such a liberal control and has more entrepreneurs in the state of Utah than any other state in the USA. There is over 60,000 thousand claimed a network marketing company in the world known but 11 Companies publicly traded on NYSE. So there is a small, very small, percent that you will be successful with a new start-up company. There is a 0.00018% that you will make any money and that their products even work.

Nu Skin Insider: fact or fiction? How can you measure what the doctor prescribes you even works!

Being a none “BIG” Pharma so called health and nutrition pharmacy that only cares about how many units they sell. 95% of the time you don’t even know what the side effects are or if the so called pill even works.

There has been of recent, blockbuster movies over the British and Spanish looking for the fountain of youth in florida like Pirates of Carribean: On Stranger Tides. The truth if you take care of your self with the proper vitamins & nutrients that can be measured like from Nu Skin and a healthy amount of exercise.

This is the Fountain of Youth!

- Jon-Michael McFarland



The equal to life and death and the cycle of what comes around goes around has been around for thousands of years. Especially in the asian culture they have had the yin and the yang. Do you personally think that you are reborn in another form once this life ends? I believe that it no matter what you believe in the most import ants thing is is enjoy the destination.

What does ying and yang mean?



yin and yang = life and death


According to, yin and yang is a noun and meaning (in Chinese philosophy and religion) two principles, one negative,dark, and feminine (yin) and one positive, bright, and masculine (yang) whose interaction influences the destinies of creatures and things.

Where is the explanation of the circle of life and death?

My beloved grandmother pased away this past Sunday February 24, 2013 at 97 years young. When she was 70 years old, I was born and she took care of me because my parents were traveling for business. I had a much better relationship with my Grandma and a lot more respect for her because of what number of grandson/son I was. Birth and death is the circle of life, right? She took care of me in the beginning of my life and at the end of her life I took care of her. I love her more than anybody in my life until I find my life…

What I learned from Gma is so important to be thankful for life, death and how it happens.

She could have lived a stronger life in the sense of strength, physical strength. Mental strength, she was super human in that sense. I swear she could speak what you wear going to say before you could say it. My grandma had 3 sons pass away or experience death before or while I born especially my grandfather who I never met.

Live life happily and do not forget your friends and first and most important family.

Make this day the best day ever

- Jon-Michael McFarland